Evanesco launches a new private financing protocol platform


SINGAPORE, March 23, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The Evanesco Foundation, headquartered in Singapore, and the Evanesco team officially released the Layer0 network infrastructure and private funding protocol platform for Web3 ecology.

Evanesco’s new private finance protocol platform closely follows the current situation and weak spots in the blockchain industry – how to protect the privacy of financial transactions

Today, traditional blockchain is transparent and difficult to tamper with, which has given birth to modern decentralized finance. However, in some areas, these features are not suitable for the development of financial activities, such as large sum crypto currency transaction paths and balance information.

Most assets have issues such as insufficient liquidity, transaction traceability, and public ledger visibility during DEX or CEX. The Evanesco team believes: “In a fully decentralized financial network, profit risk and the confidentiality of account transactions are of equal importance, and even information about the physical equipment of OTC activities should not become. a risk to confidentiality.

Solutions in Evanesco’s private financing protocol platform:

1. The original Layer0 privacy network.

Layer0 is a P2P network made up of miners with an open layer and a private layer, which provides private communication services during mining, maximizing community and network security. User access location is hidden so it is very difficult to monitor and track traders. At the same time, the transaction data is protected by the protocol and will not be viewed by the miners’ nodes when they are verified.

2. Advanced GPoW Dual Layer Consensus Mechanism (GRANDPA over PoW)

The GPOW consensus engine is developed based on the PoW algorithm and the GRANDPA algorithm from Polkadot. Using the Two-Layer Consensus Algorithm (GPOW), token casting and final consistency identification are organically combined to provide asynchronous and secure finality in near real time.

3.PEX (private exchange) as a service

PEX can provide private liquidity to OTC, portfolio, exchange and aggregation services. Through the conversion, embezzlement and liquidity collection of encrypted assets by interface, servitization of private transactions and non-influence of users can be achieved.

4. XV-Core Intelligent Private Transaction Engine

XV-Core concatenates PEX as a service framework, organically grouping the cross-chain gateway, asset transaction, and components. At the same time, XV-core introduces zero-knowledge proof technology into the smart contract, which can effectively and securely manage encrypted digital assets.

About Evanesco

The Evanesco team is made up of the best domestic and foreign technology geeks and senior blockchain experts in the industry. The founding team has a solid technical and academic experience of Yale, Tsinghua, Peking University and other prestigious universities. Members of the research and development team are mostly tech geeks, distributed systems architecture experts, and crypto experts from front-line Silicon Valley technology companies such as Amazon and Oracle.

Evanesco will build the next generation of financial ecology in a fair and reliable manner. Based on a privacy network and private transaction technology, Evanesco is committed to opening up the three-layer protocol stack of private transactions and cross-chain liquidity, breaking the liquidity limit of crypto assets to create a platform. Robust DeFi operating form. At the same time, a user-friendly and standardized transaction interface for various encrypted ecologies can be formed on the private P2P network, sharing the private transaction liquidity with the encrypted ecology such as Polkadot ecology, other public blockchains, exchanges , portfolios, OTC, DAO, etc.

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