Liberia: NPA refutes report linking MD to private company


The National Port Authority (NPA) denies reports that its managing director Bill Tweahway and several other government officials have set up a company and allegedly used port funds to purchase a loading machine, awarding themselves contracts.

Addressing a press conference on Monday, August 30, 2021 at National Port Authority headquarters, communications director Malcolm Scott said the report was false and misleading.

Scott notes that at no time was his boss a shareholder in a company called Creative Developers Incorporated, nor did he use port funds to purchase a loading machine for that company.

He said the CDI contract with the Port of Buchanan in Grand Bassa County was terminated in 2018 after Director Tweahway noticed he no longer had the capacity, logistics and funding to operate.

Scott claims that it is impossible for the chief executive of the NPA to put his signature on a document that would steal the entity, adding that the company no longer exists and that it is appalling to bind his boss.

He challenges those who make such claims to prove that Director Tweahway was a shareholder of Creative Developers Incorporated.

Meanwhile, the National Port Authority appointed Civicus Siokin Barsi-Giah as Buchanan Port Manager. The appointment of Mr. Barsi-Giah takes effect immediately, replacing Mr. McArthur D. Goll, who was suspended for embezzling funds from the Port totaling more than US $ 300,000 to a private account.

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