Prevent the commercial monopoly of private companies in the local market – JVP


Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) called on the government to take immediate action to prevent the manifestation of commercial monopolies in the hands of private companies during this difficult time.

National JVP organizer Bimal Ratnayaka said two supermarket chains are currently taking control of the Sri Lankan market, and this should not happen, as companies cannot have or create monopolies in the market. in accordance with the trade laws of the country.

“According to the financial statements of these companies, the profit of a company, excluding taxes, was Rs. 3,500 million. And the other had made Rs. 1,387 million in profit, ”he said.

“We don’t mean to suggest that businesses shouldn’t be making money. How can these companies have the freedom to intervene and increase the prices of raw materials as they wish without any constraints being imposed on them? ” He asked.

“Sometimes they raise the prices for no real reason,” he said. “The government must come to the fore and stop these activities,” he said. He also said it was not clear to them how the increase in fuel prices could lead to an increase in dollar reserves, as some government ministers said after increasing fuel prices from Monday to midnight.

“We don’t understand how when we increase the price of oil in Sri Lankan rupees, it goes up in dollars,” he said.

Ratnayaka said a number of organizations have already said their production costs will skyrocket due to rising fuel prices.

“The Sri Lanka Bakery Owners Association has stated that it will no longer regulate the prices of bakery products and will sell its products at the price it deems appropriate,” he said.

“The Three Wheeler Owners’ Association has announced that its initial rental rate will drop from Rs. 50 to Rs. 80. According to Ratnayaka, the Bus Owners Association has said the lowest bus ticket will be Rs. 25. “, did he declare.

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