Private Company CFO of the Year (Average): Nancy Hejran


Nancy Hejran
Clipper Corporation

Nancy Hejran has been Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Clipper Corporation for over three years. She built a team from scratch and created financial systems to help manage and run the business. She created standard operating procedures (SOPs) to get the business on track and manage growth. During this first year, Hejran worked on the creation of SOPs and the implementation of accounting and IT systems. She set up cross-departmental training programs to help each group better understand what the others were doing and how best to interact with each other instead of the previous silos that had been established. She created an onboarding process for each new hire that involved four weeks of training to learn all aspects of the business. His work to help improve corporate culture has also improved productivity and revenue. The company grew 300% from $25 million when he joined to $70 million in revenue.

Hejran is also achieving his American dream. She came to the United States after leaving Tehran at the age of 19, a single mother, who enrolled in college while working full time and caring for a toddler. . She speaks several languages ​​in addition to English, including Russian, Arabic, French and Persian. During her studies, she developed strong mathematical skills and obtained a master’s degree in finance and an MBA. Hejran impresses her colleagues by repeatedly overcoming all obstacles that come her way and forging unity and excellence within her teams.

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