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ISLAMABAD: Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Qasim Khan Suri admitted that it was a mistake to promote a private builder using both his office and his official position.

Suri can be seen in a video sitting in his office under official flags and a photo of the Quaid-i-Azam in the background praising a real estate agency and its owner, announcing the company’s plan to extend its network to Lahore after Islamabad and the United Arab Emirates, and wishing success to private enterprise.

Speaking to Dawn, Suri said he received a request to record his message expressing his wishes for the builder and sent sample videos from cricket stars including Inzimamul Haq, Umar Gul, Shoaib Malik and Mushtaq Ahmed, in which they wished the company good luck.

“I did it out of good will without realizing that I was in my office. I should have done that somewhere outside, ”he admitted. He said, however, that it was an honest mistake.

He also forwarded to this scribe a recorded request from an unidentified person calling him his brother and saying that he too was a celebrity and should make such a video before the launch of the company’s Lahore office.

Commenting on the unusual video, opposition lawmakers called the abuse of official position by such an important office holder unfortunate and said the act not only belittled parliament but also created doubts about the fact that this decision was intended for monetary benefits.

PML-N’s Senator Irfan Siddiqui, when contacted, called for the formation of a parliamentary committee made up of senior lawmakers to investigate the whole episode.

He said that the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly and the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the Senate are the guardians of both chambers and are expected to act as guardians to protect the dignity of parliament.

He said it was unfortunate that someone in such an important position would use their office to promote a purely commercial enterprise.

“This is not only a contempt for parliament but also an insult to its function and to democratic values,” he noted.

Siddiqui said no one could be allowed to abuse his office and official position to promote his personal interests.

He was of the opinion that Suri should come to the House to explain his position and apologize.

PPP Senate House Leader Sherry Rehman said the unprecedented abuse of state power was regrettable. She regretted that it had not been realized that this was clearly a case of conflict of interest.

She said the high office of parliament cannot be used to promote private business activities. She said it was very unfortunate that one of the more prestigious offices was used for this. “This action has made Pakistan a laughing stock,” she noted.

A federal minister, when contacted, agreed on condition of anonymity that what had happened was against the spirit of PTI policy and what its leader Imran Khan stands for.

He said the promotion of a business activity by such an important office holder was inappropriate. He said the move could get Suri in trouble.

Posted in Dawn, le 12 August 2021

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