BJP MLA on 106 Crore contract


Mumbai: BJP MP Mihir Kotecha raises questions about BMC’s 106 crore contract, given in regards to Byculla Zoo by BMC. Kotecha alleged that BMC had specific companies in mind and awarded this contract. He further pointed out that there is a connection between BMC and the private company that was awarded the contract. Companies named Highway & Skyway have been awarded a contract to manufacture an Animal Special Spice Enclosure in Byculla Zoo for which BMC will spend 106 crores.

Speaking to the media in Mumbai, he said, “I think the percentage was already fixed and the contract was awarded to a particular company.”

He added that if the work order was over 100 crore, the contract should have been awarded together, but here the two companies seem to have a connection.

The tender has been issued, according to Kotecha, but no work order has yet been issued. Kotecha also believes that there could be involvement from the chief minister’s office to award a contract to these two companies, even involvement from retired BMC officials who know that not everything can be ruled out.

Kotecha alleged that since 2016, the highway company has been awarded a contract for the zoo, which shows that BMC officials are doing the company a special favor. “I demand that this contract be canceled and if that does not happen, I will show the evidence I have obtained and expose the people involved in this matter,” Kotech said.

Ashmita Chhabria

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