Cloudera doubles down on innovation and cloud transformation efforts as a private company


With its decision to go private last fall in a $5.3 billion deal with private equity firms, cloud data company Cloudera is getting the capital and flexibility to dive deeper into its big data strategy, and it plans to bring partners with it.

“It’s damn simple. It’s about having the flexibility and the resources we needed to double down on our innovation, our cloud transformation and really acquire new customers,” said Mick Hollison, president of Cloudera, Santa Clara, Calif., in a interview with CRNtv.

Cloudera will rely on its partners to grow this customer base, especially as it plans to migrate its customers to the Cloudera data platform.

“We’re going to make everything about our platform easier, more accessible, easier to use for a line of business analyst in addition to IT staff. It’s going to expand our mission and our opportunity in the Fortune 5000. So as we grow our own customer base, we’re going down the market a bit from where we are today, still focused on the business, but bigger and smaller companies in some cases, and that’s going to give us and our partners a bigger space, a bigger lake to go fishing,” Hollison said.

Cloudera’s big data strategy captures a key market trend: the value of multi-cloud, believed to enable a combination of security and cost savings. Traditionally, customers with strict data security and privacy regulations were limited to an on-premises architecture. But a solution like Cloudera’s Data Platform changes that by breaking down the cloud workload and data silos.

“And what I can tell you is that the business partners who have joined us here have all seen this. They are all starting to develop their own hybrid offerings. So even large hyperscale cloud providers see this opportunity. So we see it as a big bet and one we’re really confident in, and one that will bring great returns to our partners.

Partners like TD Synnex: “Our mission is to take our customers through a data journey, a data maturity journey. And this data maturity journey starts with simple information gathering. And then you move on to modernizing that data so that you can derive insights from it and finally become a data-driven organization. And I bring this up because every customer wants to become a data-driven organization. But it is difficult. It’s not easy to bring disparate data from across the organization, bring it together so you can gain insights from it and become a data-driven organization. And the good stuff about Cloudera’s technology,” said Clay Davis, director of global analytics and IoT at TD Synnex.

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