Court Not Against Private Firms: Kerala HC | Kochi News

KOCHI: The High Court said on Wednesday that its interference with Covid-19 treatment rates in private hospitals was aimed at preventing overcharging.
A division bench comprising Judge Devan Ramachandran and Judge Kauser Edappagath said the court’s action was not intended to restrict the private sector. The court recognizes the role of private hospitals in the fight against Covid-19 and is not against the private sector, the judiciary said. The court does not think of business but of the life of the ordinary man who is faced with the pandemic, added the judiciary.
The comments were made by the judiciary when considering a petition filed by the Association of Private Hospitals of Kerala asking for a review of the court’s order for the state government to regulate treatment rates for Covid . During the hearing, the Qualified Medical Practitioners’ Association and the Indian Medical Association argued that it is not appropriate to set the same rates for different hospitals.
The court on Wednesday extended its order to freeze a government order that allowed private hospitals to set prices for Covid treatments available in rooms and suites. The freeze order has been extended until July 15.
An extension was ordered by the court after the state government informed it needed an additional 10 days to issue a new order, as talks are still ongoing with the management of private hospitals. The court will hear the case again on July 8.

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