Delhi private company employee who fled with Rs 23 lakh arrested


A man who allegedly absconded with Rs 23 lakh from a Delhi-based company was arrested by Delhi police on Friday. The arrest took place on Thursday.

“Team from Mundka Police Station, Outer District arrested the accused i.e. Nanhe Lal. A sum of Rs 21,50,000 out of Rs 23,00,000 was recovered from his possession,” Delhi Police said . On January 29, based on a complaint by Munish Sangar, who runs an import/export company in Mundka area of ​​Delhi, filed a lawsuit against Nanhe Lal accusing him of fleeing with Rs 23 lakh that he had been commissioned to collect.

Lal has been working in Sangar’s company since 2018. It is alleged that Nanhe Lal collected the money of Rs 23 lakh from Chandni Chowk but did not hand it over to his employer and disappeared.

Police filed a complaint under IPC 408 at Mundka Police Station and opened an investigation. After police raided Rohini’s accommodation where Lal was living as a tenant and after not finding him there, a police team was dispatched to his home village in Uttar Pradesh. The defendant’s father informed the police that Lal had visited them but returned to Delhi.

Subsequently, raids were carried out at his known location in Uttar Pradesh and several places in Delhi and eventually Nanhe Lal was arrested. (ANI)

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