Desoft promotes alliances with private companies


For this specific sector, the entity has implemented several commercial modalities, among which the representation of these in international trade and the realization of joint projects stand out, revealed to the press the specialist of the export group, Tamara Velazquez.

Another modality is the contracting of services, where the capacities of private and cooperative actors can be inserted into the plans managed by the centre.

According to the specialist, Desoft has extensive experience in foreign trade and is therefore able to provide the know-how with processes aligned with national regulations and the requirements expressed by foreign customers.

By outsourcing our services, we offer players in the IT industry the opportunity to integrate into a more consolidated and competitive value chain, said Velázquez.

Desoft currently represents five companies active with Angular, PHP, Java, .Net and Odoo technologies.

Likewise, she said, the company has created the necessary conditions to ensure access of export services to the entire international market, through contracts with partners who represent it in different latitudes and with recognized payment gateways around the world.

According to the manager, the company is associated with Odoo, the Belgian company that created the prestigious ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) management software for the administration of the processes of any entity through different modules, such as accounting, logistics , distribution, production, sales and purchases.

Establishing the agreement with the European firm benefits Desoft with access to project code repositories, business training and webinars, training and access to the knowledge base of this technology, among other facilities, she said.

Thus, the ZOOM ERP solution, Cuban localization of Odoo based on free software, can be used by micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, non-agricultural cooperatives and self-employed workers in the market.

On this same Odoo technology, Velázquez added, the entity has developed a platform for the implementation of virtual stores where, in addition to having a greater sales and distribution channel, financial marketing services and communications are also integrated.

On the other hand, the solution called Information Security Suite has a systemic approach capable of managing the state of cybersecurity in any center, in accordance with national procedures and regulations, she explained.


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