FAF is looking for new members of the Private Enterprise Council


The Financial Accounting Foundation seeks nominations for the Private Business Council which shares private business perspectives with the Financial Accounting Standards Board.

The PCC advises the FASB on the appropriate accounting treatment for private companies for items actively considered on the board’s agenda. The board also advises the FASB on possible alternatives within US GAAP to meet the needs of users of private company financial statements.

The FAF Board Nominations Committee seeks to recruit candidates with diverse backgrounds and experience to provide a balance of perspectives across the organization, including users of private company financial statements , such as bank lenders, venture capitalists and other private equity investors, as well as CPA practitioners from national, regional and local firms.

Ideally, candidates would have senior-level experience and experience in private business accounting and financial reporting, a background in financial reporting or standard-setting activities, and a current technical understanding of accounting and financial reporting .

All applications should be submitted by the close of business on April 15, 2022. The FAF website has details on how to apply as well as a PCC member profile.

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