Here’s how much Hall County is paying a private company to make up for staffing shortages in the planning department


The county spends $50,000 a month on CPL services and has issued a purchase order for six months, Crumley wrote. Two of the company’s employees work onsite twice a week, and the other two only work remotely.

“The county routinely uses a number of outside contractors for various departments to maximize efficiency and when it is most beneficial to do so,” Crumley wrote.

Crumley was unaware of another instance in which the planning department needed outside staff to help fill full-time positions, but the county routinely hires outside companies to do specific jobs. , she said. For example, the tax assessor’s office frequently employs GMASS, Georgia Mass Appraisal Solutions and Services, to help with certain tasks, she said, and the county often uses a temp agency to fill the roles.

Lately, there has been a turnover in management positions in the planning department.

Hall County’s former full-time planning director, Sarah McQuade, resigned without notice Nov. 18 after refusing a demotion. The county announced Thursday, Jan. 13, that Beth Garmon, the county’s senior planner who had taken over some managerial duties, will be leaving for a position with the Forsyth County Planning Department.

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