“It’s a private business” – Delta says land will not be acquired for ranching


Delta’s government has said it will not buy land for ranching in the state.

Delta Information Commissioner Charles Aniagwu disclosed in a statement on Friday.

Development occurs weeks after Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association requested 30,000 square meters of land for cattle grazing in 25 LGAs in Delta State.

The request was made during a public hearing organized in June, by the Delta joint committee of the house of assembly on special bills and agricultural and natural resources.

Ifeanyi Okowa, governor of the Delta, also urged cattle ranchers to cooperate with federal and state governments on implementing ranching systems.

“Ranching will be in the best interest of all Nigerians, as it will improve family income and reduce insecurity in the land,” He said.

Providing clarification on the availability of land for grazing, Aniagwu said ranching is a private enterprise and as such it is not the responsibility of the state government to provide lands for this purpose.

“Contrary to public disinformation, the state does not acquire any land for the purpose of establishing ranches,” he said.

“Ranching, like any other business, is a private matter and therefore anyone interested in establishing ranches in any part of the state is free to acquire land for this purpose.

“The acquisition must be made in accordance with the relevant laws which govern the private property of any legitimate business.”

He added that the bill submitted to the National Assembly aims to ensure that the breeding of cattle in the state is regulated.

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