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Dixcart Trust Corporation Limited provides a suite of outsourced professional secretarial services for listed companies trading on global stock exchanges. This includes the provision of a professional company secretary who will also provide advice on ongoing governance matters.

What services can Dixcart offer?

  • Provision of a Chartered Governance Professional (ACG) (Chartered Secretary) with 22 years of experience in listed companies with clients trading on stock exchanges in the UK, Canada, US and Australia.

  • Management of Board and Committee meetings: pre-meeting discussion with the chairmen; draft agendas; circulate meeting documents; assist and act as recording secretary; prepare the initial “to do” list for the meeting and provide minutes.

  • Assistance with ongoing regulatory compliance for the listed company.

  • Assist in the preparation of AGM meeting documents.

  • Provide advice on corporate governance practices, including the preparation of a comprehensive suite of corporate mandates/charters/policies.

  • Monitor corporate governance compliance to ensure best practices are maintained.

  • Undertake annual board assessments and compile results confidentially.

  • Administer compensation plans.

  • Mandatory agent function for the listed company.

  • Serve as a liaison for the publicly traded company with the Registrar, professional advisors and corporate stakeholders.

  • Conservation of the minute book in paper and electronic format.

  • Provision of an administrative substance expected from operating companies.

Private companies

Many private companies require their internal governance to be at the same level as that of a listed company, especially where shareholders have invested significant financial capital.

Dixcart can work with the management and board of directors of these companies to determine and implement an appropriate level of corporate governance policies and processes. This is particularly interesting for a private company that seeks to be listed on the stock exchange as part of its short and medium term business strategy.

Attendance at meetings

Many Board and Committee meetings are held via videoconferencing platforms. However, the Dixcart office in Guernsey is only a thirty-five minute flight from London and has excellent transport links to other key UK airports, allowing easy access to European connections. international organizations, in-person attendance at board and committee meetings is easily facilitated.

What are the advantages offered by Dixcart?

Dixcart provides effective and efficient solutions to clients of listed companies, drawing on the experience gained over 22 years.

The cost-effective solution for a publicly traded company is to outsource the role of company secretary until it is necessary to hire a full-time in-house person. Dixcart is well positioned in this market to provide an experienced company secretary, either as a manager or in an advisory role.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide on the subject. Specialist advice should be sought regarding your particular situation.

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