MySejahtera was sold to a private company? Here’s what you need to know


When the MySejahtera app was first introduced, we Malaysians feared that the app would be used to monitor and track us.

Now it looks like the app, which contains private information about millions of people, has been sold to a private company?

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has since raised the red flag on the sale.

He wrote: “The March 24, 2022 Public Accounts Committee (PAC) hearing raised questions about the sale of the MySejahtera Covid-19 tracking app to a private sector company. The government’s decision to relinquish control of the MySejahtera app was taken by Cabinet at a meeting on November 26, 2021.”

“Approval has been given by Cabinet to the Ministry of Health (MOH) to appoint MySJ Sdn. Bhd. by direct negotiation to take over the MySejahtera application. However, in December 2021, the PAC recommended that the government resume the operation of MySejahtera without incurring additional costs as it is now an integral part of the national healthcare system.

MOH officers had testified before the PAC that MySJ Sdn. Bhd. is not related to KPISoft, the company that created MySejahtera as part of a CSR initiative, but Anwar thinks otherwise.

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He claimed that despite rebranding from KPISoft to Entomo, they are still linked to MySJ Sdn. Bhd and that the company is owned by political cronies.

“The directors of MySJ Sdn Bhd include 2 founders of KPISoft. The administrators of MySJ Sdn. Bhd. also includes people with political and business ties to ruling coalition government parties including Tan Sri Dato Seri Shahril Bin Shamsuddin who was the CEO of Sapura Energy until March 2021 and Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Megat Najmuddin who was UMNO Division Head and later a senior member of BERSATU,”

“In addition, 81.4% of MySJ Sdn Bhd is owned by another company, Revolusi Asia Sdn. Bhd., of which 88% is owned by the founders of KPISoft. In other words, 71.2% of MySJ Sdn Bhd is owned by 2 co-founders of KPISoft, who built MySejahtera. To say that there is no connection between KPISoft/Entomo and MySJ Sdn. Bhd. is not accurate,” he added.

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Anwar went on to say that, with the sale being a direct negotiation, the deal resembles the model of reward companies and individuals who have political and business ties to the government.

“Furthermore, the sale of MySejahtera to a private company raises significant data privacy concerns and the potential abuse of private health-related data on millions of Malaysians,”

“MySejahtera has recorded, according to data published by the MOH on GitHub, more than 11 billion check-ins since December 2020. This registration data contains intimate details about personal preferences, consumption habits, social network. We assume that MySejahtera databases also include private personal health data on individuals’ reported health symptoms and positive diagnosis of Covid-19,” he explained.

That said, Anwar raised several issues that require clarification from Cabinet, including:

  1. Why was the decision made to sell MySejahtera to a private sector company instead of letting the app remain under MOH control?
  2. Why was a public tender not organized in order to make the sale transparent?
  3. What are the reasons why MySJ Sdn. Bhd. the only company considered for this project?
  4. Does the Malaysian government frequently reward individuals or companies that practice CSR for the benefit of the Malaysian people with lucrative contracts?
  5. What is MySJ Sdn. The scope of work of Bhd. regarding the operation of MySejahtera and how is the MOH able to ensure that data collected by MySejahtera will not be misused by third parties, including MySJ Sdn. Bhd. ?
  6. Are the terms of this contract consistent with past assurances given by the MOH regarding the appropriate use of Malaysians’ private health data, MySejahtera’s data privacy policy, and the country’s data privacy laws?
  7. What are MySJ Sdn. Bonds of Bhd. to ensure that data that Malaysians share through MySejahtera based on a public mandate will not be used for marketing, product development, surveillance or discriminatory purposes?

And, Anwar is not the only one concerned because Klang MP Charles Santiago also raised a red flag about it..

health Minister, Khairy Jamaluddinhas since clarified that the government has never sold the MySejahtera app to private parties.

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“The government also failed to make payments to KPISOFT (M) Sdn. Bhd. (KPISOFT), which developed the MySejahtera app throughout the usage period of March 27, 2020 and March 31, 2021. This was based on the company’s decision to offer the app to the government for 1 year, free of charge, based on its corporate social responsibility (CSR) principle”,

However, with the CSR period over, the government decided to purchase the MySejahtera app.

“The government on November 26, 2021 also decided that the Ministry of Health should set up a Price Negotiation Committee, made up of members from all stakeholder agencies, negotiate the supply and management of the application with the company for 2 years, in accordance with government procurement procedures,” he added.

Let’s just hope the “management” aspect of the deal doesn’t include any third parties with access to people’s private information.

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