Paul will oppose the Pentagon’s private enterprise agenda

  • A key U.S. lawmaker has said he would oppose the reauthorization of government rewards for independent business development, advocated by the Pentagon.
  • The Small Business Administration’s grants for innovation research (SBIR) and technology transfer (STTR) are due to end on September 30.

Paul goes against organizations whose plan of action is to create SBIR-funded research but not to hijack the companies at any time.

The overall spending plan for the 40-year-old program stretched to nearly $3.3 billion for each year in 2019, with the Department of Defense accounting for most of the honors. Individual awards range from a huge number of dollars to over $200,000.

Resistance to restoration comes primarily from Senator Rand Paul, the top Republican on the Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee.

The Kentucky legislator will not uphold reauthorization of the projects without any safeguards, saying they need safeguards against ties between SBIR program winners and China, a representative says.

“There are now extreme dangers to public safety as China continues to take the innovation cultivated by this program,” as the representative, who spoke about the state of darkness, put it.

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“Dr. Paul will not reauthorize this program without modifications to enhance exploration safety and stop the oppressive conduct of agitators who line the pockets of citizens’ money at the expense of new private companies with emerging innovations. with the possibility of obtaining SBIR grants.

Board Chairman Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Md., said for the current week that discussions with Paul are ongoing and there are a few official routes to a successful SBIR/STTR expansion.

Pentagon authorities have asked Congress not to allow the bills to pass, which they say will hurt America’s innovative strength, military and economy.

Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition and Austainment William LaPlante and Undersecretary for Research and Engineering Heidi Shyu encouraged the restoration in a June 3 letter to lawmakers.

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“Failure to reauthorize projects will result in approximately 1,200 combatant needs not being supported through creative review and advancing innovation,” they said.

“Similarly, any slippage could force a large number of independent companies to lay off specialists, or push them into other sources of subsidies, to bring in an unknown company.”

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