Private company arrests robber in Pietermaritzburg


Fidelity ADT has praised one of its Armed Response Officers (ARO), Musa Dlamini, for his quick response and bravery after successfully capturing a suspected thief.

According to Fidelity ADT spokesperson, Charnel Hattingh, business owner on Peter Kerchhoff Street, recently contacted the business to inform them that their premises had been broken into.

“Camera footage revealed that three suspects broke into his business in the early hours of the morning. The suspects entered through the rear of the property by breaking through the gate and security door. They stole a generator, loudspeakers and several bottles of alcohol before fleeing.

“The next day, the business owner spotted one of the suspects and immediately contacted Fidelity ADT who immediately dispatched Armed Response Officer (ARO) Musa Dlamini who arrived within minutes,” Hattingh said.

Hattingh added that Dlamini went on patrol and quickly encountered the suspect who was apprehended and handed over for arrest to members of the Loop Street SAPS.

“The suspect was questioned further and revealed where the stolen items had been hidden. All stolen items have been recovered and returned to the business owner,” Hattingh said.

She encouraged business owners to conduct regular security assessments to address vulnerable or unprotected areas to deter opportunistic criminals.

“Security technologies such as CCTV, exterior beams and roof passives are often used to proactively prevent crime,” Hattingh added.

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