Punjab intelligence wing at disposal of private company, says Akali Dal


Chandigarh, Jan. 27 (IANS): The Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) on Thursday called for a judicial inquiry into reports that the sensitive border state’s peace as well as the country’s security has been compromised by the ruling Congress by virtually placing the most crucial of the police to the assignment of a private company.

Harcharan Bains, senior adviser to SAD Chairman Sukhbir Singh Badal, shared documents regarding the reported abuse of the state’s intelligence wing by a private company, Movedek Politico.

Bains said there are credible reports that the state’s highest-ranking police officers have been asked to collaborate with the private company in intelligence gathering.

Intelligence officers were instructed to report not to the state interior minister, interior minister or chief police officer, but to Movedek Politco, Bains claimed.

Bains also told media here that it has caused “the most unprecedented and dangerous collapse of the machinery of law and order” in the state.

When the police, especially its intelligence wing, bog down to gather information to blackmail and twist the arms of workers and potential candidates opposed to the chief minister and the ruling party in Punjab, peace and harmony communal in the state are left at the mercy of God, he said.

“During this period, the state has witnessed a sudden upsurge in shocking incidents of sacrilege, bombings and other incidents of violence. The breach of the Prime Minister’s security also occurred during this period only,” Bains said.

He claimed that a pro forma had been circulated among intelligence officials, from the highest to the lowest echelon, by the said company in which they were asked to share intelligence on the company’s website.

This, he said, was a shocking compromise of the constitutional and legal processes.

Bains said the party is demanding a judicial investigation by a sitting judge of the Punjab and Haryana High Court into this “squalid” and “dangerous” saga which puts the peace of Punjab and the security of the country at stake.

He said the party would also take the matter to the election commission as it is a serious violation of the process of free and fair elections in the state.

The 117-member Punjab Assembly will go to the polls on February 20, while vote counting will begin on March 10.

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