Senator Taylor Introduces Bill to Ban Eminent Domain on Private Company Projects | State


State Sen. Jeff Taylor of Sioux County (District 2) on Feb. 1 introduced a bill, Senate File 2160, to ban eminent domain for private projects on farmland like the Summit and Navigator offered.

The bill has been presented to the Iowa Senate Commerce Committee and a subcommittee meeting is expected to be scheduled soon, according to a press release. Landowners and the public will be able to speak at the sub-committee meeting.

“We commend Senator Taylor for introducing this critical bill to protect landowners from eminent domain abuse,” said Craig Woodward, who is a Cerro Gordo County landowner currently living in Minnesota. “Senator Taylor has really shown he has a conscience and is ready to stand up for Iowans.”

Summit and Navigator have lobbied lawmakers across the state not to take any legislative action on the pipeline issue, despite many of their constituents calling for Iowa’s prominent estate law to be addressed.

“We elected them, and if they don’t want to put their constituents above the private profits of these companies, we’ll vote them out,” said Dickinson County farmer and landowner Dan Wahl.

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Some lawmakers have said the law shouldn’t change when there are two or more projects pending in the state.

“The threat is here now, why would we wait until it’s too late?” Wahl said.

Other lawmakers said the companies had been working on the plans for years and it wouldn’t be right to change the rules affecting them now.

“Any threat to use eminent domain, with huge profits for private companies, is absolutely false,” said Floyd County landowner Kathy Carter. you can do about it. Thank you, Senator Taylor, for seeing and acting on behalf of the majority of Iowa landowners. You are not only protecting them, you are also protecting their neighbors.

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