Virgin Atlantic’s new A350s have a private business class dining cabin


Virgin Atlantic’s latest Airbus A350s will swap their spacious business-class lounge The Loft for a more private dining space for two.

Dubbed The Booth, it is a continuing evolution of Virgin’s signature inflight bar for upper-class business cabin passengers.

The stand will debut on a second tranche of five deliveries of the A350-1000, slated from late 2021, which in turn will introduce a “leisure” configuration unlike the previous 12 “premium” jets.

Serving Virgin’s network of vacation destinations such as Orlando and the Caribbean instead of major centers like New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Johannesburg, these Airbus A350s tilt the seating arrangement accordingly.

The business class cabin is reduced from 44 berths to just 16, although Virgin retains the same upper class suite.

Virgin Atlantic Airbus A350 upper class.

With both versions of the A350 having 56 premium economy seats, the A350 Leisure has 100 additional economy seats, bringing the total from 235 to 335.

With so few business class seats on these A350s in vacation mode, Virgin Atlantic has taken a different approach to creating social space for its premium passengers.

The Loft is featured on Virgin Atlantic's first series of “premium” Airbus A350s.

The Loft is featured on Virgin Atlantic’s first series of “premium” Airbus A350s.

Developed in partnership with UK-based Factorydesign and inspired by what you might spy in a cozy cocktail bar, The Booth seats just two travelers on either side of a small table, with 27-inch video screens and streaming media. bluetooth audio.

Table for two: the stand is a more intimate flight space for Virgin Atlantic's “leisure” Airbus A350s.

Table for two: the stand is a more intimate flight space for Virgin Atlantic’s “leisure” Airbus A350s.

Virgin Atlantic has not disclosed how The Booth will be made available to its affluent vacationers, although we would expect it to be offered for cocktails or perhaps the airline’s High Tea service (the table seems small to share a meal) and maybe packaged as an upper class upsell.

The stand could be a great place to share a snack.

The stand could be a great place to share a snack.

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